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What can I buy with cryptocurrency today? Unusual purchases via bitcoin

With the Bitcoin popularity growth, more and more companies, shops and services accept cryptocurrencies. Nowadays nobody is surprised by a store, restaurant or taxi service accepting these payments. Since the cryptocurrencies advent, their value has been growing steadily.

While in 2010 Bitcoin costed 50 cents, today its rate reaches $10,000 or more. Crypto shopping can be traditional, such as electronics, household appliances, food and clothing, hotel accommodation, and also quite unusual, like flying into space …. E-currency is readily accepted for payment by adult stores and online games. Use the Shopify platform to find them.

Bitcoins can be used to pay for illegal goods since it helps to maintain anonymity and, thus, circumvent the law. This is a dark coin side. In this article we’ll consider only unusual but legal ways to spend bitcoins.

  1. Travel

    Pay for an air ticket or hotel accommodation (bitcoins are accepted by Expedia service).

    a bunch of pointers on a background of sky and palm tree
  2. Electronics and household appliances

    TigerDirect and Overstock stores, Dell electronics, Microsoft and Xbox application stores, PayPal and Braintree payment systems, Time media – all of them accept E-money.

  3. Church

    The first accepting bitcoins church was Catholic St. John the Evangelist in New York starting in the year 2013 (then the BTC rate ranged from $100 to $1000. Now donations can also be made to the Church of Saint John the Evangelist in the Goshen, US.

  4. Citizenship

    Pacific country Vanuatu is located near Australia. Citizens of it have visa-free on arrival access with more than 100 world countries (including Great Britain, EU, Russia). This provides quick and convenient movement and cost just about $150000 or BTC equivalent. This initiative was proposed as part of the Country Development Support Program (DSP).

  5. Carnivorous plant – Venus flytrap

    The Predatory Plants store sells the Venus Flytrap plant with delivery in the United States. For only $10 you can buy a very nice instance.

  6. Funeral

    Small private Minneapolis business Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation provides a wide range of services. Their mission is to “change the funeral industry”. Therefore, there is nothing strange they give opportunity to pay for services with Bitcoins. By the way, choosing this payment method gives a 3% discount.

    gray hearse parked near the building and the tree
  7. Karma cleaning

    Sinned? Kicked the cat? Didn’t help old woman to cross the road? Had a fight with a neighbour? Trampled lawn? Didn’t wash the dishes? Urgently fix it! There are plenty of ways to do it with bitcoins. Donate Kentucky Fern Creek United Methodist Church, or support the Human Rights Foundation.

  8. Men’s club

    The private gentlemen club Legends Room accepts bitcoins and any other cryptocurrencies traded on the Bittrex exchange. The club location is Los Angeles. This place has even a special Bitcoin ATM. Drinks, private dances – everything can be paid for with digital money. In addition, the institution has own Legends (LGD) cryptocurrency.

  9. Space flight

    Richard Branson seeks into space and invested himself a certain amount in Bitcoins. According to him, it is fascinating to witness new global currency creation. He invites to join this journey for only $250,000 on a space shuttle. Payment is also possible in bitcoins. Virgin Galactic promises organization suborbital and orbital flights tours.

    the plane from below with the inscription 'virgin' on its bottom
  10. Education

    One of the largest English-speaking universities – The University of Nicosia (UNic) was one of the first to launch the Master of Science course in Digital Currency. Getting higher education paid by BTC is so logical.

    Malta is one of the most favourable places for crypto business development. And this Cyprus university does not leg behind in adopting new technologies like another island nation.

  11. Alpaca wool socks

    Grass Hill Alpacas owner promises to add Ethereum pay ability soon. He holds a farm of these cute animals, and you can make a real warm Christmas present using virtual money.

  12. Plastic surgery

    Miami clinic Vanity Cosmetic Surgery accepts cryptocurrency as an official means of payment. Breast augmentation surgery, nose surgery or laser hair removal – any service of choice. Worth noting that the clinic began to use bitcoin in November 2013 – even before it became mainstream. The same services offered by another Miami cosmetic clinic – Eres Plastic Surgery.

    the woman maneken with dark eyes makeup and short black hair
  13. The mosque

    In London’s Hackney district you can bring cryptocurrency donations in the Turkish Shacklewell Lane Mosque. Special study proved that cryptocurrencies do not contradict Sharia standards. Therefore, mosque representatives expect to get at least $10.000 sterling in Bitcoins and Ethereums as zakat (compulsory alms in the amount of 2.5% of the personal wealth that Muslims donate during Ramadan).

  14. Food, drinks, entertainment

    Pay Bitcoins for pizza at the fast food chain. Its partners include popular restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s. Does your address fall into the delivery area? Then you won’t be hungry anyway!

    Or go with friends to one of the six pubs located in London, Peterborough, Norwich and Cambridge. All pubs except White Lion in Norwich accept Bitcoins along with cash and bank cards. Lollipops with absinthe, blue cheese, light beer, wasabi and ginger, maple syrup bacon and even breast milk tastes, as well as traditional ones – all the variety can be purchased for BTC at the Lollyphile Candy Store.

    Deloitte has long specialized in consulting the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They moved from theory to practice. The company installed bitcoinmat in Toronto office building. Since the beginning of April 2017, the office complex restaurant has been accepting virtual money. So, one of the largest consulting companies has provided its customers with the opportunity to apply cryptocurrency in real life.

    the table with glasses and half full plate with fries
  15. Dating site

    Google an online dating service named OkCupid. Basic services are provided for free. But in a paid premium account, ads are not showing. It is also possible to maintain anonymity. Payments are accepted in Bitcoins.

The list of places accepting cryptocurrency is expanding every day! Large number and huge variety of companies willing to accept virtual money indicate that Bitcoin is not perceived in the world as a means of illegal purchases, but is gradually turning into a full-fledged alternative monetary unit.

date of publication icon 14 Aug 2019 icon of time needed to read the article 3 min read