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Top-10 promising altcoins for investing in 2019

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be the easiest way to make a profit. And if you have not done this before, there is still a chance to get a profit. Top investors believe that it is not too late to invest in Bitcoin. They promise that it will beat the mark of 20 thousand dollars. This will bring double benefits. At the same time, altcoins should not be ignored. Investing into them can bring 10 times more money than it was promised.

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Today there is more than a thousand crypto coins, and this figure continues to grow. Not all of them stand the competition. Some coins have already lost their positions, others have only strengthened or burst into the top ten.

But with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, risks also rise. Many scammers have appeared. Before investing, attentively check all the information provided.

In order for the cryptocurrency to be successful in 2019, it must maintain its position and offer new opportunities for users, regardless of the difficulties encountered.

Draw attention to the following indicators:

  • High liquidity (can be liquidated at any time)
  • Stability of the course
  • Developers’ reputation
  • Clear opportunities for further growth and development.

It is difficult to predict future situation development. Someone believes that cryptocurrencies have already reached their peak. Others that new steps should be expected.

  1. Libra

    Facebook announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency. The company adheres to a rather bold development strategy. If successful, the authority of the Zuckerberg will be even higher. This currency has powerful assistance. Given the huge users’ audience, there is every chance to get even more user support.

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  2. Cosmos (ATOM)

    Linking the blockchain of different cryptocurrencies will erase technological boundaries. Based on Cosmos SDK blockchain will be able to connect to the Cosmos hub. New technological solutions can become a real breakthrough in a crypto world.

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  3. Ravencoin (RVN)

    One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Recently, its price has increased by hundreds of percent. This is a blockchain peer-to-peer basis project for fast data transfer between users. Constantly planned and developed improvements. This helps better token integration into exchanges, wallets, cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

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  4. Tezos (XTZ)

    The platform allows you to create decentralized applications(dApps) and manage smart contracts. Such applications cannot be externally modified. Users are responsible for improving functionality. Efficiency is provided by mathematical algorithms.

    tezos crypto icon
  5. Waves (WAVES)

    Makes it easy to create decentralized applications. Even without special skills. This allows you to simply create custom applications ideal for a particular business.

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  6. Binance Coin (BNB)

    The Binance ecosystem offers various ways to use BNB tokens. This has been positively reflected in the development of the company. The opening of new branches in Europe, in particular in Malta , only reinforced the price increase. The rapid development of the Binance exchange makes this coin one of the most attractive for long-term investment.

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  7. BitTorrent (BTT)

    Created under the leadership of Tron foundation will delight lovers of fresh content. Allows you to monetize the process of distributing files via torrent. It will also allow rewarding active users with fresh materials.

    bittorent coin crypto icon with the text 'bittorent'
  8. Beam (BEAM)

    Powered by Mimblewimble protocol. The coin is primarily focused on privacy. Planned to introduce multi-signatures, and subsequently an improved BLS signature system. As well as improving wallet security.

    beam coin crypto icon with the text 'beam'
  9. Grin (GRIN)

    Another cryptocurrency working on the Mimblewimble protocol. Like the previous coin, it has a high anonymity level. Developers are working on an Android version, simplification of key recovery and on wallet improvement. It can be integrated with payment systems and currency exchanges.

    grin coin crypto icon with the text 'grin'
  10. OmiseGo (OMG)

    OmiseGo is based on Ethereum. It has proven itself almost throughout Asia. Now conquers USA and European markets. The platform works as a cryptocurrency exchange. In 2019, they plan to conclude many agreements with large corporations.

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There are many more promising currencies than described in this article. You should not focus only on our or any other judgment. Check any information. Try to trust intuition. Keep an eye on the cryptocurrency market regularly to keep abreast of the latest changes!

date of publication icon 30 Jan 2019 icon of time needed to read the article 3 min read