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Sexy Cam: Watch | Cum | Earn : Presale is Live - Cryptobridge Listing PAID! — Steemit
Sexy Cam: Watch | Cum | Earn : Presale is Live - Cryptobridge Listing PAID! — Steemit

Hi Guys! It's your favorite cryptoblogger with another round of juicy gossip! As blockchain keeps gaining ground and permeating all aspects of everyday life, of course its only a matter of time before it becomes implemented in real aspects of everyday life_. Everyday aspects of life like cooking, eating, wanking, sleeping, watching porn, breathing, sexting, walking, watching porn again and other exciting things we do daily. Blockchain, as a very virile money maker is instinctively drawn towards aspects of life in which its use can be implemented. Take for instance Adult content. The Adult content market is one that is rich and ready for blockchain implementation because of its large audience category. According to research, Adult entertainment websites are responsible for 4.41 percent of all desktop visits in the internet worldwide (in Feb 2015). To put that in perspective, ExtremeTech surveyed usage data pulled from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner, and discovered that the most popular adult entertainment site on the web serves up 4.4 billion-page views per month — Reddit, by comparison, clocks in with just 2.8 billion. ( TheNextWeb #1 ). How profitable exactly is the Adult entertainment industry? The adult entertainment category ranks up seventh on the list of leading categories, falling just below computers and electronics and surpassing a variety of other very strong categories, including games and sports. Adult sites are clearly the vice (and pastime) of choice, as it beats out gambling, beauty and fitness, travel, health, and recreation. The adult entertainment industry is known for generating huge profits and is in fact twice as large as the online finance industry, in terms of traffic share. Now Imagine if all of these content and market was put on a blockchain, imagine if you were one of the early adopters of a blockchain technology that caters to 10 billion views per month (that we know of). This is what Sexy Cam plans to accomplish. SexyCam is brand-new platform designed for porn live cam industry. SexyCam coin is a proof-of-stake (POS) crypto, which means you earn coins by staking them. Sexycam is unique because its reward system caters for individuals on both sides of the screen. For instance, If you are a porn actor, You can earn money from tips giving to you by those watching you perform. These tips can be cashed out instantly or staked to generate more passive income for you.On the other side of the screen, the viewer is given the option to purchase some coins to tip the performers and get free coins in their wallet through staking and masternode rewards. Everyone gets paid, someone cums, and everyone is happy. SexyCam also offers her users the best privacy and anonymity. Users are able to use the platform completely anonymous without a traceabel paypal or bank payment. Basically you don't want your wife, your girlfriend, or your mother stumbling upon a debit card notification of a deduction with memo "sexy tits bounce bounce". That would be a very awkward conversation to navigate. But Sexycam, using a PIVX fork, allows your transactions, payments and tips to be untraceable. No one knows you or where the money is coming from and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest without fear of discovery. Because the makers of the sexycam platform are dedicated to real use of blockchain technology and believe in its true application in the adult entertainment industry, they have gone ahead to pay for the listing of SexyCam coin on Crytpobridge decentralized exchange. This means that as from the 16th of January 2019, you SXY tokens will have real world value and can be traded on exchange for money. :: Whitepaper : :: Blockchain explorer : :: Guides : :: Autoinstall script : :: Win64 : :: Win32 : :: Linux GUI : :: Linux Daemon : :: MacOSX : :: Bitcointalk thread : :: Github : :: Twitter : :: Youtube : :: Medium : :: CryptoBridge : soon, listing already paid by the team :: Bounty Hunting list :

cryptoDATA 10 Jan 2019 cryptoTIME 3 min read
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