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Swarm Set to Launch Blockchain-agnostic Platform
Swarm Set to Launch Blockchain-agnostic Platform

The major security token platform, Swarm will be launching its blockchain-agnostic infrastructure which would allow qualified users to issue regulatory-complaint security tokens across multiple chains. The blockchain project which prides itself in being an “open infrastructure for digital securities” which be starting off with Ethereum, Stellar and TRON.It is expedient to briefly understand what security tokens (STOs) are in order to appreciate the efforts of the Swarm team.Unlike ICOs or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which are independent digital assets, security tokens cannot stand alone. Security tokens often represent an asset that can be considered as a security, such as shares, real estate, securities and precious metals. These tokens require some form of inbuilt regulatory compliance.Swarm’s new platform will enforce compliance via its Market Access Protocol (MAP). Additionally, the platform features a fresh user interface that allows investors to easily navigate through personal data and wallet. “Investors will be able to onboard, qualify and invest without ever leaving the token issuer’s website.”Market Access Protocol (MAP) is SWARM’s investor compliance ecosystem, built and maintained by a decentralized network of nodes. It solves existing inefficiencies and difficulties for token issuers, investors, exchanges, and certificate issuers.

cryptoDATA 21 Apr 2019 cryptoTIME 1 min read
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