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Aave, Cosmos, Monero Price Movement Analysis for 28th March, 2021

Aave, Cosmos, Monero Price Movement Analysis for 28th March, 2021

Despite its recent price fall, Augur‘s charts showed that buyer appetite was present, suggesting a fast rebound. Monero has reached Read more

Compound would shift closer to $447.4 if it rose past its press-time resistance. Monero displayed signs of fatigue when it Read more

The crypto market has been consolidating, especially among altcoins with lower market capitalisation. Sideways movement has been noted in altcoins Read more

Breakdown on Chiliz could highlight support levels at $0.29 and $0.156. Monero continued its rangebound movement between $239.4 and $215. Read more

The altcoin markets have seen significant declines in recent hours, but Ethereum Classic and Uniswap can rebound quickly. Monero had Read more

Across the economy, there was selling pressure on Bitcoin. Maker and Monero saw bearish pressure but were trading within a Read more

Augur's profits could be extended all the way to $50. At press time, Monero was trading near its $215.7 support Read more

The cryptocurrency market has been highly unpredictable in recent days. This uncertainty has altered the market's current dynamics for nearly Read more

After a decline from historic highs, BAT held the $1 mark. Following an accumulation period, Binance Coin proposed a target Read more

Monero was limited below the $238.6-resistance. After the late-February pullback, SNX has shown signs of improvement. Tezos offered an upside Read more

Monero saw some investor indecision around the $230 mark, when the price slipped and jumped around this amount. IOTA was Read more

The last 24-36 hours have been tough for the rest of the cryptocurrency industry, with Developer, Monero, and Waves both Read more



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