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The White List: A New Opportunity for Token Buyers – Crypterium – Medium
The White List: A New Opportunity for Token Buyers – Crypterium – Medium

HomepageAbout membershipSign inGet startedHomepageCrypteriumBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingCryptobank for Cryptopeople https://crypterium.ioDec 11, 2017The White List: A New Opportunity for Token BuyersLadies and gentlemen!At the moment, Crypterium’s token sale is very close to reaching its hard cap. The amount of tokens sold so far is worth around $30 million, while the sale revenue limit is fixed at $47 million. Given the token sale dynamics, there is still plenty of time to reach the hard cap organically. However, we keep in mind the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays that may draw our potential buyers’ attention away from purchasing CRPT tokens. Thus, we need a way to increase the probability of reaching the hard cap.We are very happy to see all the love and support shown towards our project: the amount of our token buyers and Telegram chat members is absolutely incredible. With that said, Crypterium’s token sale is the only period when CRPT token emission is possible. The amount of tokens emitted by January 13, 2018 will serve as fuel for transactions within the Crypterium project. The emission of CRPT tokens will permanently stop on January 13, 2018. As per blockchain rules, this parameter cannot be changed. We would like to remind you that CRPT tokens will be the only way to pay the “fee” for crypto-fiat transactions within the Crypterium project. Once this fee is paid, the CRPT tokens do not become Crypterium’s property; instead, they are permanently destroyed as per the Crypterium smart contract, which has already been published and launched within the Ethereum blockchain at 0x80A7E048F37A50500351C204Cb407766fA3baE7f. When there are no CRPT tokens, there are no transactions in Crypterium. Thus, everyone — the Crypterium team, CRPT token holders, the project’s existing and potential audience — will benefit from the emission of the maximum possible amount of CRPT tokens, as specified by the hard cap.This is why we are launching a new limited offer within Crypterium’s token sale: the White List!The White List offers a chance to boost the amount of bonus CRPT tokens received with each token purchase to existing and potential buyers alike.The White List will be active starting December 11, 2017.So what exactly is the White List? It is a list of buyers who have met certain requirements within a given time frame. To get on the White List, a buyer needs to:• Provide extended personal information upon our request;• Deposit a specified amount of money for the subsequent CRPT token purchase;• Get approval from the team responsible for the token sale and the White List, and also get a notification of eligibilty for participation in the White List offer;• Make a token purchase within a specified time frame;• Be one of the first 500 White List participants to have bought an amount of CRPT tokens specified in their White List application form.If all these requirements have been fulfilled, the White List participant receives a boost to the amount of the extra bonus tokens they receive:for the tokens purchased within the White List offer;for any previously purchased CRPT tokens (in case the buyer purchased any CRPT tokens before participating in the White List. Any previously received bonus tokens will be accounted for).For instance:For new buyersYou will get an amount of bonus tokens depending on the sum of your purchase.These extra bonuses will be added to the existing token sale bonuses.Let’s say you’ve applied for White List participation and deposited 2 BTC. In this case, once your application has been accepted and the White List offer has been processed, you will get an additional 5% bonus along with the regular 3% bonus of the token sale. Overall, you’ll get an 8% bonus to the amount of tokens you’ve purchased.For those who have purchased CRPT tokens beforeYou will get an additional bonus not only to your current purchase but also to all the previous ones. Let’s say you have a 10% bonus; in this case, it will be replaced with a 15% bonus given that the sum of your purchase is from 2 till 4 BTC. Just like new token holders, you will also get an additional 8% (3% + 5%) bonus to all the tokens you purchase within the duration of the White List offer.Obviously, those who were the first to learn about Crypterium and to use our first bonus offers will benefit greatly from White List participation.The chart below shows the amount of bonus tokens offered to White List participants based on the amount of tokens they purchase:• +5% | from 2 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD)• +10% | from 4 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD)• +15% | from 6 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD)• +20% | from 10 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD)To successfully get on the White List, please adhere to the following schedule:1. Before December 20, 2017, fill out an application form at and specify the amount of money (in Bitcoin) you wish to spend on CRPT token purchases within the White List offer;2. Before December 20, 2017, deposit the amount of money (in cryptocurrency or fiat money) you’ve specified in your White List application form;3. On December 21, 2017, receive a notification of eligibility (in case you’ve met all the requirements; this notification is an invitation to participate in the White List offer);4. On December 22 and 23, 2017 (UTC -4), purchase the amount of CRPT tokens specified in your application form;5. On December 24, 2017, wait for the White List results and have extra bonus tokens transferred to your account at!Participation in the White List offer is optional. If you do not wish to participate in the White List offer, all Crypterium token sale/ownership parameters will remain unchanged for you.The White List does not imply any guarantee or responsibility on Crypterium’s side until all the points specified by the offer have been fulfilled. This means that simply submitting an application form is not enough to get on the White List: the application also needs to be accepted. All applications will be manually processed by Crypterium on December 21, 2017. The coordinators of the White List retain the right to dismiss any applications without providing reasons. The user also needs to become one of the first 500 approved White List participants to have purchased the specified amount of CRPT tokens. Finally, the amount of CRPT tokens purchased within the White List offer should not exceed the CRPT sale revenue hard cap, fixed at $47 million. In all the aforementioned cases, the user has the right to ask for a refund as per the Crypterium token sale terms and agreements.There is one more thing to note. Crypterium has been addressed by many users who wish to buy substantial amounts of CRPT tokens (often worth $3 million or more). At least half of those users asks for higher bonuses than specified in Crypterium’s token sale public offer. The other half is willing to purchase the tokens under the initial conditions of the CRPT token sale, stating that they were too late to learn about our project (unfortunately, the time machine has yet to be invented, so we cannot apply our initial sale conditions to any current purchases). We, the Crypterium team, hereby state that we respect every single CRPT token and the interests of every single CRPT token holder — after all, we ourselves are CRPT token holders. We cannot offer anyone exclusive conditions that are vastly different from those available to the general public. This must be the reason why, unlike other ICOs, we don’t have any substantially large checks among our purchases. All CRPT token buyers are people planning to use the solutions offered by Crypterium in the future. Still, we believe our White List offer might interest our potential big-time buyers. CRPT tokens were specifically created to be sold in large amounts within a limited time frame. The more money we get now, the quicker our project will develop in the future. This is in everyone’s best interest — even though the current sale dynamics are quite enough for Crypterium’s further development.If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at or join our Telegram chat.P.S. Around a month after our token sale has ended, CRPT tokens will appear on certain open token markets. We are soon going to tell you about the first ones. It’s high time!BlockchainCrypteriumCryptocurrencyCryptoCryptobankOne clap, two clap, three clap, forty?By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.1.1K5BlockedUnblockFollowFollowingCrypteriumCryptobank for Cryptopeople https://crypterium.io1.1KNever miss a story from Crypterium, when you sign up for Medium. Learn moreNever miss a story from CrypteriumBlockedUnblockFollowGet updates

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