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UTRUST FAQ: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Before the ICO
UTRUST FAQ: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Before the ICO

HomepageAbout membershipSign inGet startedHomepageUTRUSTBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingAug 27, 2017UTRUST FAQ: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Before the ICO(Have questions? Join our official Slack: are a bunch of crowdsales out there, many happening right this moment. In fact, at the time this article is written, around 81 crowdfunds and ICOs are live all around the world. Each of them is unique, different in their own way.UTRUST comes with a bright ambition, to make crypto-payments a simple and effortless process, powered by the state of the art technology which is based on high autonomy, safety, and efficiency.The path to building such revolutionary system can be both exciting, challenging, and even confusing at times. However, with the amazing support of our constantly growing community, we are able to progress further and get inspired every day. To give back, we are sharing 10 frequently asked questions (and answers) which will, hopefully, clarify some things to our new and existing supporters:1) So, what’s all this buzz about the Pre-ICO?The purpose of our Pre-ICO round is to ascertain community interest regarding our platform and obtain pre-seed funds for our aggressive marketing strategy plan. This will allow us to avoid traditional venture capital funding, and still obtain the some leverage before launching our full-blown ICO.2) Okay, but why should I participate in the Pre-ICO instead of the ICO?Firstly, you will be one of the early investors showing us your support and enthusiasm about the project. Secondly, you will be able to buy the tokens at a bargain price (0.03 USD per token) — c’mon!3) I am a US citizen. Can I participate in the ICO?Unfortunately, no. US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to US Security Law restrictions. We wholeheartedly respect all country laws in all locations we operate, and urge you to obtain more information regarding specific financial laws in your jurisdiction.4) What’s the maximum token supply?1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) UTRUST tokens (UTK).5) What happens to the tokens (if) which are left unsold?Only the tokens sold on each round will be created and issued (for example, if on the 1st round only 50% of the tokens are sold in 7 days, then only 50 million tokens will be generated, thereby decreasing the total token pool from 1 billion to 950 million).6) Is there a minimum investment stake?Yes, our current minimum investment stake is set at 0.2 ETH or 0.02 BTC.7) Can I send ETH for the ICO from the Exodus wallet and receive UTK back to the same wallet?Yes, you can send money from any wallet. At the time you withdraw, you will have all the information on how to configure your wallet in order to receive the UTRUST tokens.8) Can I participate in the ICO without having an Ethereum address?No, because UTK is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain, so you need to have an Ethereum address to receive and store your UTK tokens. You can use any Ethereum wallet: Ethereum wallet, Mist, Parity,, Jaxx or any other wallet where you have access to the wallet private keys.IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not deposit Ethereum to the ICO using the cryptocurrency exchange account! You don’t own your crypto exchange ETH address private key, so will not be able to access your UTK tokens!9) I’ve heard about “Monetha”, how do you compare?UTRUST is the first and only cryptocurrency platform in the world that has a buyer/seller protection mechanism. Moreover, you can use the majority of crypto-coins in the platform itself. Monetha is a great project as well, but they only accept Monetha coins in the platform and do not provide comprehensive protection.10) You had me at $0.03. Where do I find more details about the Pre-ICO/ICO?Have a look at our website: Also, we recommend you keep an eye on the news and the CoinSchedule.The UTRUST ICO is now finished. For more information, have a look at UTRUST’s Whitepaper or get the latest updates on the UTRUST’s Website, Twitter (@UTRUST_Official), Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, or Discord.— Arthur ZubkoffI am free thinker, wannabe entrepreneur, and risk taker. Creative in design, following the innovation and celebrating the cutting edge. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast @UTRUST & @Coinaware. Proud alumnus @UnivofStAndrews & @Newcastle University.I write on Medium (@Arthur Zubkoff), but also share “interesting stuff” on Twitter. My travel stories are available on Instagram. Feel free to get in touch to make something awesome ncyBlockchainOne clap, two clap, three clap, forty?By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.731BlockedUnblockFollowFollowingUTRUST73Never miss a story from UTRUST, when you sign up for Medium. Learn moreNever miss a story from UTRUSTBlockedUnblockFollowGet updates

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