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Arise Lisk
Arise Lisk

Lisk is a coin that could potentially be one of the best buys of 2017 at these levels. Currently, Lisk has a 20million dollar market cap. Max (the CEO             of the Lisk Foundation), just sold around 1000 bitcoin             to fund lisk development. Lisk still holds around 10k bitcoin             as well as millions of dollars worth of byteball. So why is Lisk THE coin to buy right now? Simple. Value! Lisk, much like Ethereum             , is a platform for decentralized applications. But unlike Ethereum             , Lisk uses Javascript to facilitate its smart contracts. This makes the platform accessible to a wide variety of people. So, fundamentally, you are looking at Ethereum's biggest competitor, with basically unlimited funding, at a 20 million dollar valuation (big value). Technically, Lisk is showing a double bottom with bullish divergence on the weekly chart. One can also see incredible volume in the market (higher than it has been since launch). Volume never lies. The weekly has broken out of the downtrend channel and has retested the upper channel trendline on lower timeframes. This is not a play you want to miss. Potential for HUGE upside.

cryptoDATA 18 Mar 2017 cryptoTIME 1 min read
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