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Crypterium News: All tokens have been issued! – Crypterium – Medium
Crypterium News: All tokens have been issued! – Crypterium – Medium

CrypteriumBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingCryptobank for Cryptopeople https://crypterium.ioJan 25Crypterium News: All tokens have beenissued!Hi there!Mark this day on your calendar: this is a huge deal for the whole blockchain community!Weve just recently activated the widely popular CRPT tokens, and the rest of the tokens has been issued on January 25, 2018.Proof can be found in this line of our smart contract:Just like token activation, the end of token emission is a one-time, irreversible procedure. Its time was initially specified in the open code of our smart contract.Now we know the total amount of tokens issued: its 99,983,677! As specified in our white paper, 70% of this amount (69,988,574) will go to those who bought tokens during the ICO, and the other 30%29,995,103are reserved for the projects needs and will be divided among the founders, the team, the advisors, etc. Congratulations to all the participants!The role CRPT tokens are going to play in the future cannot be underestimated. They will be the only means of using our productthe first public version of which will be released during the first half of 2018to its full potential. As Crypterium has stated numerous times, only CRPT tokens can be used to pay the commission fees for crypto-fiat transactions within our product. This fee will constitute 0.5% of the sum of each transaction; remember that, once used to pay such a fee, the tokens are invalidated for further use by the smart contract. In other words, the CRPT token sale offered our users a chance to perform crypto-fiat transactions in the future. This is the fundamental purpose of CRPT tokens. This is also the reason why the tokens used to pay a transaction fee do not become Crypteriums property and are dismissedas for Crypterium, it has already received its profit by selling the tokens.Despite the end of token emission, there still are token holders who havent yet received the purchased tokens to their third-party Ethereum wallets. Today, we issued the rest of the tokens to be delivered to the buyers and transferred them to our special secure cold storage via a single transaction.You can see the transaction below:The temporary ETH address will be used to deliver the tokens over the next 12 months to their holders who did not specify the address of the withdrawal on timeby way of transactions instead of token emission. Everything is going according to our plan. If you still havent specified your Ethereum address in order to get your tokens, its high time you did that! To provide your ETH address, log into your account on and go to the Profile page. You wont be able to use your CRPT tokens to the fullest if they remain on your account balance. The absolute most of our token holders have already received their tokens to third-party wallets.Please dont worry if youve provided your ETH address but havent received your tokens yet. They will be automatically transferred to your wallet within a few days, with no further actions required from you.If you need help with setting up a suitable ETH address to get CRPT tokens from our bookbuilding platform or have any further questions, dont hesitate to contact us at tuned!EthereumCrypteriumCrptCryptocurrencyToken EmissionOne clap, two clap, three clap, forty?By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.1.5K8BlockedUnblockFollowFollowingCrypteriumCryptobank for Cryptopeople

cryptoDATA 26 Jan 2018 cryptoTIME 3 min read
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