5 Major Bitcoin Trends To Watch In 2020
20 Jan 2020 4 min read
So, whats to be expected in 2020? Here are five major trends to watch for in Bitcoin this year.Bitcoin Halving 2020 The Bitcoin halving coming up in May is a key aspect of. This is a scheduled occurre …
IOTA Is Up 27% Week-to-Date, But Will These 3 Reasons Spur Further Demand
20 Jan 2020 3 min read
At press time, IOTA is changing hands at 24 cents against the greenback and up an impressive 27% in the past 7 days of trading. However, from some quarters, optimism and confidence in the project coul …
Wanchain 4.0 Has Landed! This major milestone enables a new world of connected private blockchains
20 Jan 2020 7 min read
Wanchain 4.0 Has Landed! This major milestone enables a new world of connected private blockchains 7 min read4.0 introduces the T-Bridge framework, a generalized framework for private-public blockchai …
Former U.S. regulator leads effort to create digital dollar
20 Jan 2020 4 min read
The former chair of the Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) has partnered with Accentureto create the non-profit Digital Dollar Project, which plans to explore the creation of a U.S. Central Ba …
What You Need to Know About Crypto Taxes
20 Jan 2020 5 min read
Cryptocurrency has become a popular alternative asset class for long-term investors and a volatile asset for short-term traders. Despite its growing popularity, the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies i …
Best Place to Buy Bitcoin
20 Jan 2020 13 min read
Best Place to Buy BitcoinTypes of cryptocurrency exchanges One way of classifying the exchange is based on the tradable currency. On this basis, an exchange can be a fiat exchange or a crypto-to-crypt …
XRP (XRP) Price Up 7.5% Over Last 7 Days
20 Jan 2020 4 min read
XRP (CURRENCY:XRP) traded down 1.7% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 8:00 AM Eastern on January 20th. XRP has a total market cap of $9.97 billion and $1.77 billion worth of XRP …
Bitcoin SV's "Genesis" Hard Fork
20 Jan 2020 6 min read
Original Bitcoin Protocol to beRestored on 4 February 2020 to Enable a Fully On-Chain World LONDON, Bitcoins original design is back with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) networks hard fork on 4 February 2020. Th …
After Sudden 8% Drop, Bitcoin Bulls Must Defend Price Support at $8,460
20 Jan 2020 3 min read
View Bitcoins dramatic overnight fall from $9,200 is telling a tale of buyer exhaustion.A break below Sundays low of $8,461 would invalidate the recent bullish trend and could yield a drop to $8,200-$ …
An In-Depth Look at the Multi-Currency Cold Storage Card Ballet
20 Jan 2020 8 min read
Last September, Bobby Lee, the former CEO of Chinas first cryptocurrency exchange BTCC revealed his new business venture Ballet, a non-electronic crypto wallet solution that offers multi-currency supp …
Palestinian Militant Group Has Received 3,370 Bitcoins in Donations Since 2015: Report
20 Jan 2020 3 min read
A Palestinian militant group took millions of dollars-worth of bitcoin donations to finance its operations, according to a new report.Obtained by the and reported Sunday, the report from the Israeli I …
This Analysis Suggests Bitcoin’s Price May Plunge 50% to the $3,000s, Again
20 Jan 2020 3 min read
Over the past month, Bitcoin (BTC) has absolutely exploded higher. In fact, the cryptocurrency is up around 40% since the low of $6,400 put in during December of last year.While many analysts have sai …
Bitcoin 2 is a bomb waiting to blow up
20 Jan 2020 2 min read
Bitcoin 2 is a bomb waiting to blow up 3 min readWhile everyone is eyeing the big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BCH, XRP and Ethereum, there is a silent bomb waiting to blow up in the near future. It …
Crypto Winter to Spring: Key Factors That Brought Bitcoin Back to Life
20 Jan 2020 9 min read
All through the primary couple of months of 2019, the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) stayed put beneath the $four,000 mark, thereby solidifying fears that the marketplace was once certainly in the middle of a …
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XRP (XRP) Hits 1-Day Trading Volume of $2.42 Billion
20 Jan 2020 4 min read
XRP (CURRENCY:XRP) traded up 2.2% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 15:00 PM Eastern on January 18th. One XRP coin can currently be purchased for about $0.24 or 0.00002732 BTC on …

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